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We are a family-run business with a long tradition in making wines in our huge family cellar. 2016 was very successful for us, that was the year when we started using drones in our business. Those are special custom made drones with obstacle avoidance, not a regular selfie taking drones you see around almost everyday. We were highly motivated from the very beginning of our wine adventure and has come a long way. Ever since running a small family winery in our home cellar we have cared about the quality of our products and we have maintained it till today. Today we have a winery chain along with many different wine-tasting and bar-like objects all around the country. Situated in the North, along the picturesque cliffs with the most stunning view along the great valley, you must all agree how our position couldn’t have been more perfect. We have always nourished what the nature had given to us and we have succeeded in creating a successful business out of it, still living in harmony with all our surroundings, joining our wine making passion with art in order to offer you the best experience.

Slikovni rezultat za luxury wine cellar
Our luxury and thoughtfully decorated wine cellar invites you in!

Apart from opening Wine bars all over the country, we are proud to be producing our own wine and presenting it to you in our bars and lounges. We are proud owners of more than 1000 of acres of vine crops of which we take the best care and eventually bring them to our tables. We make the best wine by joining traditional and modern in our cultivation and vintage. For example, every single of our fruits is hand picked with care, just like i was done many decades ago. Bu, we don’t hesitate on using modern technologies in order to get the best product possible.

One of the things we’re the most proud of is that we have recently started using drones in order to help us in our wine business. Our drones equippet with camera monitor our crops and take photos using multi spectral cameras attached to them, which are then processed by the computer and give us the best info about the vine vigor. So far we have 10 powerful folding¬†drones¬†which help us out on our vine farms and make the process easier for us. Everything they do for us could be done by a worker, but observing every trunk and shoot individually takes a lot of time.

Our Wine story had started with us producing our own wine for the needs of our own family. We’ve spent many years doing so and it made us happy, so we’ve decided to make it a family business which has been ran for almost 20 years now. We are now proud owners of a successful bar chain which we supply by our own products. Our Bars are very popular for having many wine tasting events where the visitors can enjoy our products for free, and take the chance of learning about wine making business and they way we climbed the stair of success.

Apart from wine tasting nights in our Bars, we always make sure you have something to enjoy all year round. Our bars are hosting many performers, singers, bands and even stand up comedians in order for you to get the best service. Our wide range of wine sorts will go perfect with our rich menu and lovely interior which you can see in our photo gallery. Please contact us and make a reservation before visiting, since we’re usually fully booked. In order to get further contact information, please visit the Contact tab on our web page and follow the instructions.

Thanks for visiting and showing interest in our company and work.


The Cinna Bar Wine Team