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Charity Dinner @ Cinnabar – next Thursday

Giving is contagious! That’s what we were taught and want to keep it a practice. You can all tell how many wonderful and amazing events we have been through, and many of them were charity or fundraising events. It’s time for one more! This time were accepting your reservations for next Thursday’s dinner in order to get as much as we can for the Children’s orphanage.

Good news about this charity event is that you only pay for what you eat, and as always was so far, wine is on us and you can have as much as you like. That’s our practice for all of our charity events since we want as many people to join us on this wonderful occasion, so we hope this time not even one chair will remain empty!

Slikovni rezultat za wine event
It was very fun at the last Wine charity, so we are hoping to repeat that this time also!

You can make a reservation by calling our Bar and our lovely staff will be glad to find the perfect spot for you! In order for you not to be bored, we’ve decided to give you live music as well and soon we will announce the name of the band which will be entertaining you for the evening.

In addition to the dinner and complementary wine, you will also be able to buy our wine bottles this evening, and all of the money we raise by this will also go to charity. So, if you have some birthday, anniversary or party to attend and are looking for the perfect present, or if you just like to have a bottle of good wine on your shelf, this is the amazing occasion to get you one. Al of the wine bottles will also be conveniently wrapped up with a little Thank you note by the organization we’re raising funds for.

Slikovni rezultat za wine charity
The only better present than wine is charity wine!

We’re already taking reservations for this evening and are looking forward to you visiting us!

See how it went on our 1st Jazz Night @ Cinnabar

As we were announcing for many weeks, the first Jazz Night at Cinnabar is behind us and we’re very happy to share the results with you. We had an amazing night along with our visitors, customers and bands. This is the point where we’ve recognized the real potential of our interior, and we think you’re loving it as well!

Slikovni rezultat za winery jazz
Now we know Jazz and wine go together like toast and marmalade

The sound of saxophones, flutes and cellos has filled our lovely bar with the feelings of happiness and serenity, and we can tell by the feedback of our lovely visitors that they’ve had a great time at this Jazz spectacle and are looking forward to the next one. Don’t worry folks, we’re working on it and you should get the info soon! Our bar was fully booked and some extra seats were requested, which was very nice to see. This was our first Jazz music evening in Cinnabar, but now we’re very sure to be organizing some more on your demand very, very soon.

Slikovni rezultat za wine cellar jazz
big thank you goes to our lovely Jazz guests!

Where’s music, there should be good wine as well, so as always we made sure that our guests get the best wine service in town with our staff making sure your taste buds feel the same as your ears! According to you, we managed to do that and that is the reason behind whatever we do – your satisfaction and happiness.

“It was amazing to be a part of this evening. Every time I am in Cinnabar, I leave feeling happy and more relaxed than I was before, but this time it was even more. The mix of divine wine taste and relaxing music was just what I needed in order to relax after a hard week at job. I will definitely be back “

Sally M.

Thanks Sally and thanks everyone for joining and supporting us. Stay tuned for more info about the next Jazz night.

Wine tasting events every Wednesday @ Cinnabar Wine

We’re very happy to announce we’re starting with the new season of Wine tasting events in our Cinnabar Wine! Our extremely and very popular wine tasting evenings will take place every Wednesday in every one of our bars.The wine tasting tradition in Cinnabar is already 5 years old and is very popular among our visitors and especially wine lovers, so we’ve decided to do another round of it again.

Slikovni rezultat za WINE TASTING
Wide range of wine sorts on one of our wine tasting events


Since there are many of you who seem interested in these types of events, first of all we must tell you it’s very important to call in before, check the availability of the tables for the evening and then make a reservation. Almost every one of our Wine tasting dinners was fully booked, so we will not be able to accept any guest without the reservation. You can make a reservation for your seat starting Monday (for Wednesday, two days in advance) by phone contacting our Bar staff.On our wine tasting evenings, you will get a chance to taste every one of our wine sorts with a little help of our lovely and experienced sommelieres and hostesses who will make your evening wonderful. The best thing about our wine tasting dinners is that you only pay for what you eat, and wine is on us! And that’s how it’s going to be every single Wednesday (excluding public holidays) this year. About the dinner menu, you can choose from a wide range of meals, including our classic meat menu, as well as vegetarian and vegan options in order to satisfy everyone’s needs and preferences. Our chef and his kitchen staff are always dedicated on giving you the best products on your table and are cooking for you with lots of love, patience and experience.

Slikovni rezultat za sommeliere
Look, swirls, smell and taste with a little extra help by our lovely staff, our sommelieres and hostesses

All in all, we really hope to see you here on one of our many Wine tasting nights at Cinnabar. We’re looking forward to having you here, no matter if you’re an amateur who is visiting this type of event first time in a lifetime or if you’ve done hundreds of them. We guarantee you every one of our evening is different and gives you a unique experience. There is just no better way for you to hear our story than visiting us this Wednesday, so pick up the phone and make your reservation as soon as possible, the number of seats is very limited.

Looking forward to hearing from you!