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See how it went on our 1st Jazz Night @ Cinnabar

As we were announcing for many weeks, the first Jazz Night at Cinnabar is behind us and we’re very happy to share the results with you. We had an amazing night along with our visitors, customers and bands. This is the point where we’ve recognized the real potential of our interior, and we think you’re loving it as well!

Slikovni rezultat za winery jazz
Now we know Jazz and wine go together like toast and marmalade

The sound of saxophones, flutes and cellos has filled our lovely bar with the feelings of happiness and serenity, and we can tell by the feedback of our lovely visitors that they’ve had a great time at this Jazz spectacle and are looking forward to the next one. Don’t worry folks, we’re working on it and you should get the info soon! Our bar was fully booked and some extra seats were requested, which was very nice to see. This was our first Jazz music evening in Cinnabar, but now we’re very sure to be organizing some more on your demand very, very soon.

Slikovni rezultat za wine cellar jazz
big thank you goes to our lovely Jazz guests!

Where’s music, there should be good wine as well, so as always we made sure that our guests get the best wine service in town with our staff making sure your taste buds feel the same as your ears! According to you, we managed to do that and that is the reason behind whatever we do – your satisfaction and happiness.

“It was amazing to be a part of this evening. Every time I am in Cinnabar, I leave feeling happy and more relaxed than I was before, but this time it was even more. The mix of divine wine taste and relaxing music was just what I needed in order to relax after a hard week at job. I will definitely be back “

Sally M.

Thanks Sally and thanks everyone for joining and supporting us. Stay tuned for more info about the next Jazz night.