Our Wines

Dear Wine lovers!

We’re more than happy to introduce you with the wines we have been happily producing for you for more than 20 years already. First of all, we would like to introduce you with some main wine types and sorts. You probably already know that the name of the wine actually reflects the name of the grape sort which was used for making the particular wine.

Types of white wine grapes


Food-wine pairing: dry versions of this type of wine go well with fish, chicken as well as pork dishes..


This is a very aromatic variety.

Food-wine pairing: Gewurztraminer wine is ideal for pairing with Asian food, pork and grilled sausages.


Chardonnay was definitely the most popular white grape through the nineties. Chardonnay wine can be made sparkling or still.

Food-wine pairing: Chardonnay goes well with fish or chicken meals.


Food-wine pairing: Sauvignon blanc is a type of wine foodies just love! It goes very well with seafood, poultry, and salads.

Slikovni rezultat za wine types
Some of the most popular types of wine grapes along with the pictures
Types of red wine grapes


Syrah is also often called Shiraz, but in Europe Syrah is the name which is used more common.

Food-wine pairing: Syrah is well paired with different types of meat.


Easy to drink. It is very soft so it is popular as an “introducing” wine for new red-wine drinkers.

Food-wine pairing: Merlot goes along well with everything.


Cabernet Sauvignon is known as one of the world’s best varieties. It is often blended with merlot type.

Food-wine pairing: This type of wine goes well with red meat dishes.


This is of the noblest red wine grapes — difficult to grow, rarely blended and very soft.

Food-wine pairing: It is well paired with grilled salmon, chicken, lamb and Japanese dishes.